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The Veiled Landscape

This project seeks to better understand the archaeology of the Miner2Major area, as Sherwood Forest is under-represented on the Historic Environment Record (HER). Part of this work involves commissioning new LiDAR-related work to fill in gaps in the existing LiDAR and knowledge in the archaeology of the area.

LiDAR stands for light detecting and ranging and is a technique that uses laser scans of an area to create 3D models. The 3D models when combined with maps and aerial photography can help archaeologists to better spot potential archaeological features. 


In order to be in a position to commission any new work the Miner2Major team and Nottinghamshire Archaeology team are working with Nottingham Trent University to explore the data that already exists within the Miner2Major area.



The research seeks to explore the following questions:

1.What current LiDAR data exists in the Miner2Major area and at what resolution?

2. Has the LiDAR been processed?

3. Who owns the data?

4. Has ground-truthing taken place?

5. Is the LiDAR data and ground-truthing results in the public domain?

6.What are the priorities of different stakeholders for commissioning new LiDAR-related work?


Once we have the baseline data, we will be in a position to commission new archaeological research which will help to better understand the archaeology of Sherwood Forest.

We will publish the baseline research here once it is completed, so keep an eye on this page for more updates.